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Push notifications

Atomic Action Flows can send mobile push notifications to your customers to re-engage them into your app.

  • Notifications can be sent when an action card is delivered or independently if no card is needed
  • Notifications can (optionally) contain a data payload that your app can use to performing deeplinking or pass into other activities in your app, and data-only notifications are supported on Android
  • Notifications are intelligently rescheduled around do-no-disturb windows you set for your customers
  • Analytics covering the delivery, receipt and context of push notifications is tracked alongside all other events in Atomic, once the Atomic SDKs are installed and configured
  • Push notifications are supported in all Atomic mobile SDKs, and in the Web SDK via our Cordova wrapper

Setting up push notifications in your environment

SDK setup

The SDK guides for iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, or Cordova outline the steps to configure notifications in your apps.

Workbench setup

The push notification credentials article explains what to configure in the Atomic platform, and how to set it up via the configuration area of the workbench.

Push notification credentials can also be managed via the Notification Platforms API

Push notification delivery

Atomic uses SNS for delivering push notifications. Check out the push notification delivery article to learn more about how notifications get from the Atomic platform to your users mobile devices.

Configuring your Action Flows to send push notifications

There are two ways an Action Flow can send a push notification:

Add a 'Send a notification' step to your flow

Adding a send a notification step your your Action Flow lets you control exactly where in the flow a notification should be sent. With this approach you don't need to be sending a card, or you can choose to send a notification at a different time to a card.

Configure a push notification as part of a card template

When editing a card template, the Card configuration menu presents an option to send a push notification when the card is sent. By default these are disabled, to enable, click the menu item named Push disabled and update the settings.

Personalizing push notification content

The Title and Message test of a notification can contain dynamic data. While editing, type + or click the insert context placeholder button to select and insert a context placeholder. To learn more about dynamic data and how you can use it, check out the context reference

Sending custom data in push notification payloads

Learn more about how you can send custom data in the sending custom data in push notification payloads article