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Action card overflow menu

A menu exposed by clicking in the upper right hand card corner of an action card. Available in all of our SDKs.

Action card quick actions menu

A menu exposed by swiping an action card to the left, available in our mobile SDKs.

Action Flow

A configurable sequence of steps such as sending or cancelling cards, web requests, listening for card events and more.

Atomic Platform

The AWS hosted cloud platform that sits between your servers and your client apps, and manages the flow of events and action cards between them.

Atomic SDK

Software Development Kits provided by Atomic, and used to embed action card streams into your apps on iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Card instance

An individual action card created by combining data from an event and a card template, surfaced in a stream in your app.

Card template

Used to assemble an action card when event is received by Atomic, authored by a workbench member.


A user who is presented with an action card stream, embedded in your app’s user interface. Atomic users are considered your customers, as Atomic is embedded in your app through Atomic SDKs.


JSON Web Token. A method for securely sharing data between multiple parties and systems and used as an authentication mechanism in the Atomic platform. Read more in the Authentication guide.


A collection of card templates that can be assigned to containers.

Stream instance

A collection of card instances viewed by an customer on a device.

Stream container

A display container embedded in an application, in which a stream instance is rendered.


A web application used by workbench members to author, configure and manage action cards, streams and customers. Also used to access analytics information.

Workbench member

Someone who has access to the Workbench.