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Atomic API


The Atomic API allows you to send requests and receive data from the Atomic platform. The primary subresources are:

  • Workbench resources - Manage workbench resources, typically as part of your CD pipeline. Create, update and retrieve card templates.
  • Users - Create, update, view, tag and delete users.
  • Cards - Send test cards, list, dismiss, complete and cancel cards.

In addition, Webhooks allow you to receive data back from Atomic.

Open API specification

View the Open API specification for the Atomic API here:

This specification includes documentation on all public API endpoints.

To use a third-party tool to interact with the Atomic API, read our Using Insomnia guide. It describes setting up Insomnia, authentication and provides some sample requests.

Our documentation also describes making requests using the curl command line tool. When using curl, you'll need to set up your authentication first. Read our Authentication guide for step-by-step guidance.

Debugging and troubleshooting API and SDK integration

We have four tools available within the Workbench to help you debug and troubleshoot integration work.

Analytics debugger

The Analytics debugger will let you inspect the most recent analytics events that happened in your environment.

To access the Analytics debugger, go: Tools > Configuration > Analytics debugger Alternatively, open the command palette and type Analytics debugger.

More details about these analytics are in the Analytics reference guide.

Card log

Within the card log, you can browse a list of sent cards and see their current status. The list is paginated.
It’s a lightweight tool to support troubleshooting, rather than analysis.

Select the card you are troubleshooting, then the Log tab, to access the Card log.

SDK request debugger

The SDK request debugger shows the last 100 failed client API requests in your organization, to help debug your SDK integration.

To access the Request Debugger, go: Tools > Configuration > SDK request debugger Alternatively, open the command palette and type SDK request debugger.

Audit log

The Audit log shows a history of all requests that have been made for the last 7 days to the platform from the SDK and API.

To access the Audit log, go: Tools > Security > Audit log Alternatively, open the command palette and type Audit log.