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Action Flow bulk send

Only workbench members with an edit-level permission on the Card instance resource will be able to use this tool.

This tool allows sending Action Flows based on criteria defined in a CSV. You can target users per CSV row by any user profile data.

Workbench view of csv bulk send action flow tool
Sending Action Flows batches based on criteria defined in an uploaded CSV

You can find further information about this tool and download a sample csv file by:

  1. navigating to the Action Flow bulk send screen (either from the Tools screen or by using the command palette)
  2. clicking the Information icon next to the "Action Flow bulk send" title in the Workbench.

The only required column in the CSV is at least one 'target.attributes' field, for example ''.

Only up-to 10 customers can be matched per row, if more are matched then the row will be skipped and a warning returned.

The maximum file size uploadable is 32mb.