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SDK Release Schedule

Since July 2023, Atomic has adopted a quarterly release schedule for our SDKs.

Every quarter, Atomic will release a 'Stable' version for each SDK, aiming to maintain feature parity across platforms whenever possible. For instance, the SDK event observer is introduced in the 23.3.0 release for iOS, Web, and Android. Quarterly stable releases are identified by the year and quarter in which they were released, for instance 23.3.0 was released in the third quarter of the year 2023.

Each Stable release encompasses all new features and bug fixes from the respective quarter, undergoes comprehensive testing, and receives one year of maintenance support following its release. Maintenance releases are identified by their patch version, for instance 23.3.1 is a patch version of 23.3.0.

Additionally, Atomic will generate Beta releases featuring meticulously tested new features and enhancements throughout the quarter. We strongly encourage customers to engage with these Beta releases, actively testing, exploring, and providing feedback, to facilitate refinement before their incorporation into the subsequent Stable release. Beta releases are identified by their a beta prefix, for instance 23.3.0-beta1 is the first beta for 23.3.0.

Our utmost priority is the security and satisfaction of our customers. Consequently, we have opted to provide support for each stable SDK release through maintenance updates for a complete year.

This year-long support period affords your team a substantial timeframe to prioritize and schedule upgrades. It also offers flexibility to continue using earlier supported versions, ensuring you don't miss out on crucial maintenance updates.

Required Action

Please establish an internal process for transitioning to supported SDK releases. Regularly reviewing progress against this process each quarter to allocate to sprints effectively in anticipation of SDK support depreciation.