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Card snooze

The Atomic SDKs provide the ability to snooze a card from a stream container or single card view. Snooze functionality is exposed through the card’s action buttons, overflow menu and the quick actions menu (exposed by swiping a card to the left, on iOS and Android).

Tapping on the snooze option from either location brings up the snooze date and time selection screen. The user selects a date and time in the future until which the card will be snoozed. Snoozing a card will result in the card disappearing from the user’s card list or single card view, and reappearing again at the selected date and time. A user can snooze a card more than once.

When a card comes out of a snoozed state, if the card has an associated push notification, and the user has push notifications enabled, the user will see another notification, where the title is prefixed with Snoozed:.

You can customize the title of the snooze functionality, as displayed in a card’s overflow menu and in the title of the card snooze screen. The default title, if none is specified, is Remind me.


On the AACConfiguration object, call the setValue:forCustomString: method to customize the title for the card snooze functionality:


config.setValue("Snooze", for: .cardSnoozeTitle)


[configuration setValue:@"Snooze" forCustomString:AACCustomStringCardSnoozeTitle];


On an AACStreamContainer instance, call the appropriate setter to change the title of the card snooze feature:




streamContainer.cardSnoozeTitle = "Snooze"


When configuring a stream container, specify a value for cardSnoozeTitle, within the customStrings object, to customize the title for the card snooze functionality:

customStrings: {
cardSnoozeTitle: "Snooze",

For more information on using this feature in the SDKs, see the relevant documentation for iOS, Android or Web.